Tuesday, 26 April 2011

2nd sale

HI!! 2nd sale is here... all the items are pre-loved and only wore once or twice.  Oh, really thanks my mama and aunt as they taught me to take a good care of my clothes.  So, it's still look as new.  Unfortunately, as written in previous post, i need to sell all this clothes... I MUST!!  yea..wanna change my style from childish or cute to more matured style :P

POS LAJU:           RM6 (1 to 2 items)
POS EKSPRESS: RM 4.50 (1 item only)

ALL DRESS/ CLOTHES FIT SIZE S TO M (me is 163cm with 52kg)
for further info or inquiries email me at mash_3548@yahoo.com


1) PRETTY GREEN (RM 12) - white tee and necklace not included

2) STRIPE BROWN (RM 15)- blazer and necklace not included

details in front of dress

3) WHITE BLOUSE (RM 15) - although size XXL, it has small cutting

4) FORMAL PURPLE (RM 15) - look like two pieces but actually came with one piece, has zip at dress   side

5) SWEET PINK (RM 15) - came with white tee * as in the pic below

6) PEACH SCHOOL GIRL (RM 18) - black jacket not included




11) VELVET LONG SKIRT (RM 20) - new,

flower pattern on the skirt

~happy shopping~

Sunday, 24 April 2011

funky style

ahaaaha.... i'll post some more dress for sale. Want to let it go because most of it was not so suitable for me... yup, i'am trying to change my style to look more mature. herm...will upload the pics this wednesday... teeheEE... see ya!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

yes, clothes for sale.


1) BLACK LACE (RM60) - 
wear once during dinner di universiti.  sebab masa tu theme modern klasik...So, shopping kain kat kedai and hantar kat chinese aunty untuk jahit. well,  orang kata kalau chinese yang jahit, jahitannya tip-top. Agree 100%. Boleh pakai dengan sarung if nak nampak macam klasik, or pair it with skirt kembang(wow!) dan kalau ikut trend sekarang, ramai yang buat sebagai dress kan? sure nice!  

p/s: ada zip di belakang baju.

 black lace during dinner. 

jarak dekat

2) KUNING KERAWANG (RM68) - never worn.

dah kata hobi suka beli kain then upah jahit, so, lepas tu... tak tahu nak pakai untuk ape... sure puas hati, sebab kerawang dia sgt mewah and remember price can nego... oh, before forgot kerawang di bahagian bawah baju is 4inch and di lengan is 2'. 

kerawang bahagian bawah baju. tepi kanan dan kiri baju terbelah

kerawang bahagian bawah baju

kerawang di bahagian lengan baju

3) KURUNG BEIGE (RM48) - wear once

baju kurung warna beige, just a simple kurung for a simple girl. nampak ayu saje~

kain dari jarak dekat

4) KEBAYA BEIGE (RM53)- wear once

kain lace, dengan butang bungkus. jahitan yg sangat kemas. kain susun  belakang. oh,  you're a creative girl,right? so, can wear this kebaya to look feminine , or, just pakai kain dan jadikan dress, will look so sweet.guarantee!  pair it with cardigan. you style yourself!!

kain dari jarak dekat, serta butang bungkus (maaf sebab lighting, kelihatan seperti warna biru, actually beige)

kain: dari depan

kain: dari belakang

susun belakang

p/s: ukuran mungkin berbeza 1-2cm

oh, if someone is interested to buy these clothes or any inquiries, dont be hesitate ya..just let me know by email me at mash_3548@yahoo.com. will reply you within 24hours.  thanks~

a brief intro

assalamualaikum and hai! oh, i'm going to sell some of  my things in wardrobe. mom told me i should sell them, even hard for me to let it go...haha..just kidding, ya... my mom told i have too much clothes and i admit it.again. Sangat suka pegi beli kain di kedai, upah jahit, or online shopping if doesn't have time/ malas to going out. yep, that's me! Even i put some of  it in my brother closet. thanks god he not so mad... so , will snap some pics and attach the it as soon as possible. And hey! ada brand new and some is only wear once. So, quality is approved. and some of the price is negotiable too. the most important thing is the price will include postage fee... ok, see ya!!